Talking to Patients

Talking to the Patient

The podiatrist needs to find out if the pain is sharp or dull (acute or chronic). He/she may ask you if you have had any injuries or falls which may suggest the possibility of a stress fracture. If a patient complains of pain at 1st rising and after standing for long periods of time this may suggest plantar fasciitis.

It is also prudent to ask if there has been a sudden increase in weight either due to a poor diet or pregnancy. Also has the patient suddenly increased their activity by taking up a new job, new sport or a deciding to take a long walk in unsuitable shoes. The podiatrist will also ask what type of shoes you normally wear and how long you spend on your feet.

Burning and tingling of the heel may be due to tarsal tunnel syndrome or compression of the medial calcaneal nerve. I also always ask my patients if they have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or diabetes.